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RhymBlock - Oak

RhymBlock - Oak


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**Block only, clips sold separately

The Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock is a beautifully crafted versatile and durable solid hardwood woodblock for drummers and percussionists to incorporate into their drum and percussion kits as well as a comfortable and effective handheld woodblock percussion instrument.

The RhymBlock is designed to project a pleasingly powerful natural woodblock tone that will not get lost in the sound mix.

The RhymBlock is engineered for durability with Patent Pending side slit reinforcement plates and comes with an optionally installed Edge Guard to protect the striking edge from wear and tear.

The RhymBlock is shaped to mount on the rim of a drum using NTP RhymClips (sold separately) which quickly mount the RhymBlock on and off the drum in any position around the rim with height adjustment above the rim while maintaining equal height above the rim the full width of the block. Ideal for rimshots, cross sticking, ghost noting, singular or interplay with the drum.

The RhymBlock can be used with hand play by mounting onto an NTP RhymStryker (sold separately) designed to mount onto the rim of a hand drum, enabling the player to freely incorporate woodblock patterns into their two-handed drum playing without the interruption of having to pick up, hold in hand, and place back down a striking stick to play the woodblock.

The RhymBlock can be mounted onto a traditional percussion rod post setup using the NTP Rod Mount Bracket (sold separately). Additionally, the NTP Rod Mount Stryker (sold separately) can then be placed above the RhymBlock for stick-free hand play.

The RhymBlock is available in a 6” higher pitched and 7” lower pitched model. They are available in industry standard Maple hardwood for a durable and pleasing medium wood tone. Other hardwood types are available for expanding your set of RhymBlocks with various wood tones and natural wood beauty.

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