Feel the Rhythm

Rhymblock  hand held
Rhymblock mounted with a Rhymclip on a snare drum
Rhymbell mounted on a drum with a Rhymclip
Rhymstryker mounted on a conga with a Rhymblock
Rhymstryker mounted on a conga with bell
Rod mounted stryker with Rhymblock
Hi Hat stryker mounted on hi hat rod
Two bass drum pedals with percussion kit beaters

What is Your Set-Up?

Who is NT Percussion?

Our mission is to provide innovative percussion products that offer artists new methods to enhance their rhythmic creativity and song embellishments.

RhymBlock and RhymBell 

Our flagship products are the RhymBlocks and RhymBell which with our patented mounting system puts the instrument right in your playing area enabling single handed independent and interplay between the instrument and drum.
Why mount these wood block and cowbell instruments away from your direct playing zones that inherently separate the timing between the instrument and drum requiring two hand coordinating when you can single handedly interplay the two freeing up your other hand for more creative multi-rhythms.
Surprise your bandmates and sound team by putting these tools into play today!


Take your hand drumming to another level. The RhymBlock and RhymBell offer a new method for percussive creativity and we are now introducing the concept to hand drumming with the RhymStryker. Imagine playing your congas, bongos, djembe and other hand drums while simultaneously playing a wood block and cowbell without having to grab a drumstick and break up your two-handed rhythmic patterns on the drum. Check it out here and see it in action!