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RhymBell with RhymClips

RhymBell with RhymClips


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The Native Tongue Percussion RhymBell is an innovative and versatile professional grade cowbell hand crafted in the USA with a bright sound with moderate overtones that will cut right through the sound mix.

The Native Tongue Percussion RhymClips are a patented mounting system for quickly mounting the RhymBell on and off the rim of a snare, tom, timbale, or various hoop style rim hand drums in any un-obstructed position around the rim of the drum.

The RhymClips are constructed from light weight and durable reinforced nylon to help protect your drums from damage often caused from metal mounting systems.

The RhymClips are engineered for a universal mounting system with interchangeable boots to adapt to a wide variety of snare, tom, and timbale rims including triple flange and cast hoops, or hand drum rims including traditional, comfort curve, and rope tuned hoops.

The RhymClips have height adjustability to place the RhymBell at a suitable height above the drum rim, ideal for singular or interplay with the drum, rimshots, cross sticking, and ghost noting.

Patent: US 10,037,747 B1

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