Jose Rossy

Jose Rossy

Jose Rossy is a percussionist known for his mastery of numerous traditional and eclectic percussion instruments.
His love for music began with playing the clarinet as a child. He then studied music with the Municipal Band in Humacao, Puerto Rico under the guidance and instruction of Herman Pena. It’s here that Jose’s love for percussion would blossom.

In his college days, Jose attended the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico. After just one year at the conservatory, he was invited to join the Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, and also had the opportunity to perform in The Pablo Casals’ Festival. He played with the symphony from 1972-1975 before traveling to New York in search of his big break.

His break came from a single audition. Jose began touring with Labelle in 1976, creating lasting friendships and connections with Patti Labelle, Nona Hendrix, Sarah Dash, Bud Ellison, Eddie Martinez, Carmen Rojas, and Tony Thompson.

With his amazing skills and instinct with percussive sounds, Jose quickly became a popular studio session player as well. He has performed and recorded with a vast array of musical artists that includes Weather Report, Robert Palmer, Talking Heads, Peter Allen, Chic, Cameo, The Power Station, Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Sonia Dada, Sesame Street, Trilateral Commission, and Patti Labelle, with whom he recorded the live, Grammy award winning album, One Night Only.

Jose spent a few years sharing the gift of music as a band teacher for kids from kindergarten through grade 12 but returned to the professional scene with R&B group, Jambon, and eventually touring again with Patti Labelle until 2018.

Currently, Jose is working with the phenomenal Jimi Tunnel, on a spectacular collaboration, called Jus Terra. Jus Terra has a global music sound that will feature the talents of special guest artists that are among the best musicians in the world.

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