Introducing the new patent pending RhymStryker. 

Attach a RhymStryker along with a RhymBlock or RhymBell to your hand drum like your Djembe or Congas for a new level of hand drum creativity. The RhymStryker will enable you to add woodblock and cowbell to your hand drum voicing without having to pick up a drumstick and break up your two-handed drum patterns. The RhymStryker quickly attaches to most hand drum rims in any position around the drum rim and can be struck with your fingers or palm. It mounts right up to the rim so you can easily play between the drum and Stryker or simultaneously with fingers on the drum and palm on the Stryker or vice versa. Playing multi-rhythm patterns incorporating multiple percussive instruments becomes more fluid.

RhymStrykers are currently in production and we are looking to have them available for release by the end of 2021. We can be reached at info@ntpercussion.com if you have further questions or comments.