Introducing the new patent pending RhymStryker.

Attach a RhymStryker to your two-handed drum like your Djembe or Congas and you now can hit the RhymStryker like you would your drum head with your hands, and achieve wood block or cowbell sounds. It’s very easy on the hands, and the ears!

**The standard RhymStryker works on Traditional, Curved, and Rope Tuned and drum rims. To use on Remo rim, you must purchase additional Remo clip which is easy to install **

Create new percussive patterns and multi-rhythms on your hand drums while maintaining your two-handed drum rhythms without the need to break them up by holding a drumstick in one hand. The RhymStryker works great on most Latin and African hand drums.

Get the beta version now! Add to cart, use it, and give us feedback! It really is a game changer for the industry. Patent Pending

RhymStryker – African Zebrawood


RhymStryker – Cherry


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RhymStryker – White Oak


RhymStryker – Bell


Remo Clips for RhymStryker