Rod Mount Stryker

Introducing the new patent pending Rod Mount Stryker. The Stryker series is a real game changer for the industry of percussion.

Mount a Stryker above a block or bell for stick-free hand play.

Works with your existing percussion accessories or add a Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock or RhymBell.

Rod Mount Stryker

Attach a Rod Mount Stryker above your existing accessories or a Native Tongue Percussion RhymBlock/RhymBell for stick free play. It's very easy on the hands, and the ears!
Create new percussive patterns and multi-rhythms on your hand drum kit without limiting your drum patterns by holding a drumstick in one hand.
This product includes two different tips (Warmer or Brighter tones), and a tool to change the tips and adjust the Stryker placement.


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