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RhymChik with RhymStryker

RhymChik with RhymStryker


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The Native Tongue Percussion RhymStryker with RhymChik is an innovative method for a percussionist playing a hand drum to play a Chick” sound effect without having to hold a mallet in one hand, enabling them to maintain two handed drum patterns while integrating closed hi-hat type patterns and accents to create more versatile rhythmic patterns and voicings with their hand drumming. The RhymStryker with RhymChik mounts onto various mechanical and rope tuned rim types for African, Brazilian, and Cuban style hand drums. It will mount in any position around the rim with height adjustability for finger or palm play. The RhymStryker functions easily with padded striking surfaces for comfortable extended playing. 

The Stainless-Steel Jingles have a finer staccato sizzle that is more subtle in the mix. 

The Nickel Jingles have a courser staccato sizzle that will cut through the mix more. 

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