Maple is the flagship RhymBlock with great mid-tone, projection and durabilty.

Janka Hardness: 1,450

RhymBlocks are an exciting way to add voicing and rhythmic technique to your drum kit. They quickly mount onto your drum rim with height adjustable RhymClips to enable you to seamlessly play between the drum and block, play rimshots or a cross stick with an enhanced wood tone. No need to turn your drum stick around when cross sticking with the RhymBlock to get projection. Multiple blocks can be added onto your snare and toms in various positions for a variety of rhythmic beats and interplay with drums.
RhymBlocks are made from solid hardwoods. The North American hardwood line of RhymBlocks are finely crafted in the USA and currently offered in Cherry, Walnut, White Oak, Maple and Hickory. The African hardwood line of RhymBlocks is available in Rosewood and Zebrawood.The tone of the hardwood is dependent upon the density of the wood, the Janka index gives a general hardness rating of the wood with the lower Janka numbers giving a darker tone and the higher Janka numbers a brighter tone. The type of wood is no guarantee of the tone as each block is unique and its density can vary naturally from the structure of the wood. The RhymBlocks are naturally finished and protected with boiled linseed oil and can simply be renewed with a fresh coat or two. Each RhymBlock comes with a protective storage-gig pouch.

RhymBlocks are created and manufactured by Native Tongue Percussion, a Colorado, USA company.


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